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Program Name:
Boerne Soccer Champions League

Objective: To provide an exciting and competitive soccer league for players of all skill levels to enjoy and improve their game with friends who play club soccer, school soccer, or friends who want to take the field together!! The Boerne soccer champions league will look to foster teamwork and sportsmanship with any friends who want to play together! 

$80 per season 

$15 drop in rate 


  1. Season Duration: A six-game season.

  2. Game Days: Matches are scheduled twice per month on Fridays/Sundays, with kickoff times staggered throughout the day to accommodate different age groups and team schedules.

  3. Registration Options:

    • Season Package: For $80 players can sign up for the full six-game season at a discounted rate, guaranteeing their spot for all games.
    • Day-to-Day Package: For $15 players who are unable to commit to the full season, a day-to-day option is available where players can join individual matches as space permits.
    1. Private Training Opportunities: Additional cost

      • Players enrolled in the season package are eligible for weekly private training sessions with experienced coaches at an additional cost.
      • Private training focuses on individual skill development, tactical understanding, and personalized feedback to help players improve.
    2. Group Clinic Options: Included in the season package

      • On the first Friday of every month, the league offers group clinics open to all registered players at no additional cost.
      • Clinics cover specific skills, techniques, or tactical aspects of the game and are led by expert coaches.
      • Players can choose to participate in these clinics to enhance their overall soccer knowledge and abilities.
  4. Team Formation:

    • Players are encouraged to sign up with their friends to create teams, but individual players without a team can also join and will be placed on teams as needed to ensure balance competition.
    • Teams can have a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 6 players to ensure ample playing time for everyone.
  5. Age Groups:

    • The league accommodates various age groups, such as U5. U6, U7, U8, U10, U12, U14, and U16, ensuring age-appropriate competition and development opportunities.
  6. Field and Equipment:

    • Matches are played on Toro fields with proper markings and goals.
    • Each player must have their own soccer gear, including cleats, shin guards, and appropriate attire.
  7. Game Rules:

    • Matches follow standard soccer rules with slight modifications to suit the league's format and age groups.
    • A staff member will be present to ensure fair play and enforce rules.
  8. Scoring and Standings:

    • Points are awarded for wins and ties, and a leaderboard is maintained throughout the season.
    • At the end of the season, a championship match may be held for top-performing teams in each age group.
  9. Coaching and Development:

    • Trained coaches or volunteer mentors may be available to provide guidance and coaching tips to players during games and practices.
  10. Community Involvement:

    • The league encourages family and community participation, with opportunities for parents to volunteer as substitution managers, referees, or event organizers.
  11. Feedback and Improvement:

    • Feedback from players, parents, and coaches is welcomed to continually improve the league's quality and experience for future seasons.

By offering a flexible registration model, emphasizing teamwork and fun, and providing a well-organized and inclusive environment, the Boerne Soccer Champions League aims to be a premier soccer program for players in the community.

Registration Listing

Boerne Soccer Champions League

FALL SESSION - Birth Years 2020-2019 (3v3)


FALL SESSION - Birth Years 2018-2017 (3v3)


FALL SESSION - Birth Years 2016-2015 (4v4)


FALL SESSION - Birth Years 2014-2012 (4v4)


FALL SESSION - Middle school (5v5 / 7v7)


FALL SESSION - High School (5v5 / 7v7)


SPRING SESSION - Birth Years 2020-2019 (3v3)


SPRING SESSION - Birth Years 2018-2017 (3v3)


SPRING SESSION - Birth Years 2016-2015 (4v4)


SPRING SESSION - Birth Years 2014-2012 (4v4)


SPRING SESSION - Middle school (5v5 / 7v7)


SPRING SESSION - High School (5v5 / 7v7)


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